What to Store in Your Littlelock Glass Containers

Littlelock Glass Baby Food Containers

Littlelock Glass Baby Food Containers

Littlelock glass containers have been designed to store baby and toddler sized meals and snacks, however our gorgeous glass containers are very versatile and our customers use them to store all sorts of things.

Here is a list of suggestions of things you can store in your Littlelock glass containers

For Babies &  Toddlers:

  • Baby food purees
  • Baby & Toddler sized meals – pasta, risotto, fried rice, mashed veggies, meatballs, frittata
  • Baby & Toddler snacks for out and about – popcorn, crackers and cheese, dried fruit, chopped fresh fruit, dry cereal, mini sandwiches

For the rest of the Family:

  • Stewed fruit to stir through cereal or yoghurt
  • Individual serves of side dishes – fried rice, pasta, mashed potato etc. Simply make, serve into individual Littlelock containers and freeze ready to reheat for a quick and easy side to a main meal.
  • Yoghurt to take to school or work
  • Chopped fruit to take to school or work
  • Salad dressings for transporting to school, work, BBQ or picnic
  • Leftover egg whites to store in the fridge
  • Dips to take to school or work
  • Snacks to take to school or work – dried fruit, nuts, popcorn, crackers etc. Because Littlelock containers have an airtight seal you could prepare a weeks worth of snacks and store them in the cupboard or fridge. Then each day all you need to do is grab a container of prepared snacks and you are on your way.
  • Milk to take with a thermos of tea or coffee
  • Lemon or lime wedges to add to drinks at a picnic or BBQ
  • Leftover grated Parmesan cheese

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by Gabrielle Cardwell on March 20, 2014 ·