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Love, love, love my Littlelock containers! When my daughter moved to solids, I searched endlessly on the internet to find practical, safe and durable glass containers for her. I had to import them from the US – but they don’t compare to Littlelock. The Littlelock seals are extremely secure and I love the colourful lids. I only wish I thought of the idea myself!! Thanks for the prompt delivery also – it’s not often you order one day and receive the goods the next. Great productgreat servicehighly recommended!
Lilli, mum to Lucy (2 years), Randwick NSW

“After falling in love with my first order of the small Littlelock glass containers, I had to order the bigger size. I received them two days after ordering and Gabrielle even send me a tea bag to warm me up in this cold weather!! The Littlelock glass containers are such a success!! All the mums in my mothers’ group love them!! They are so trendy, resiliant and easy to clean! I wish there was a version for adults!!”
Michela, mum to Giulia (6 months), Ivanhoe, VIC

“It’s so nice to be able to be assured that the food I’m giving my child is free from nasty chemicals and toxins that come with storing things in plastic. I love the convenience of storing, freezing and reheating in the same glass container, the only thing now is that she is growing bigger and needs a bigger serve so would be great if you made them in bigger sizes.”
Faith, mum to Eloise (2 years), Prospect, SA

My Littlelock containers are coming in super handy these days. As a working mum and always on the go, I need containers that are reliable and won’t leak in my bag. The snap lock sounds is so satisfying and reassures me that there won’t be any mushy surprises at the bottom of my bag at the end of the day. The glass is great as I heat Charlie’s food in the container and there is no need to transfer as it is already in glass so I serve it in the littlelock too. They stack neatly on top of each other in the fridge. I also cheekily use the containers for myself to transport my muesli with yoghurt for brekky on the go. Charlie is 6 and a half months and thriving with his solids, thanks to Littlelock making feeding easy, I haven’t had the need to buy premade stuff from the shop, it’s so easy to fill my jars with homemade stuff and store in the freezer and fridge. Also love the fact that I can throw them all in the dishwasher at the end of the day. Thanks not quite sure what he’d be eating out of if it wasn’t for littlelock, not keen on heating in plastic even if it is BPA free. Evie my 3.5 year old is mad for the pink containers and loves to eat her yoghurt with sprinkles from it.
Mel, mum to Evie (3 years) and Charlie (6 months), Annandale, NSW

“I was so excited to receive my first Littlelock order. Thank you for such a great product ! I love that the containers are so durable and easy to clean and free from any nasty toxins. My youngest will be starting solids soon but in the meantime they make great storage for snacks for my 2 year old. Such speedy delivery too – the containers arrived the day after I ordered them. Thank you, I will be ordering more soon!”
Alexis, mum to Leo (2 years) and Rose (3 months), Cammeray , NSW

“I’m a huge fan of reducing the use of plastic containers and since having my three kids I have become concerned about heating and storing foods in plastic which could potentially be harmful. I have used glass baby bottles in the past and often use stainless steel containers for transporting food, so when I saw the Littlelock Glass Baby Food Containers I immediately purchased some. The sizes are perfect for small snacks for my older kids and I am looking forward to trying them for homemade purees when baby number four arrives. I love that they can go in the freezer and microwave and are so easy to clean – all very convenient for any busy mum. A great product all round!”
Bronagh, mum to Bede (6 years), Darcy (4 years), Nina (2 years) and pregnant with baby number 4, Beecroft, NSW

“Just a little note to let you know I am so thrilled with my Littlelocks!! They arrived 2 days after I ordered them and so far have been put to great use! My kids are beyond the ‘baby food’ stage, but I love the fact that I can safely store any food in such lovely looking containers! I was also pleasantly surprised by how much they hold!! The quality is fantastic and my kids love the colours! Will definitely be adding to my collection soon!! Thanks again!
Nikki, mum to Max (5 years) and Sofia (3 years), Balmain, NSW

“Thanks so much for the speedy delivery, they look fantastic. I have an 18 month old who is into everything and within minutes of me opening the package he dropped one of the containers on a cement floor. I was relieved when I picked it up and there wasn’t even a scratch! I love the containers and the packaging, I bought a few extra sets for gifts and can’t wait to give them out!”
Marianna, mum to Lachie (18 months), Forrestville, NSW

“I am thrilled with the Littlelock containers I ordered a few weeks ago. They arrived promptly and matched exactly the description I’d read online. Both lids and glass bottoms are sturdy and durable – I can see them being very useful and lasting a long time. I will definitely recommend them to friends! Please let me know if you expand the range to include larger containers.”
Timara, mum to Claudia (5 years), Emilie (3 years) and Sophie (7 months), Randwick, NSW

“With baby number 2 on the way, it was great to hear about some new, convenient and safe baby food containers in the market. I received the jars in the mail within a couple of days of ordering online and was very impressed by their quality. My toddler has already dropped them on our hardwood floor with no damage! The seal is fabulous, no spills, and I love the beautiful design. Will be showing them off to my fellow mum friends!”
Lisa, mum to Stella (2 years) and pregnant with baby number 2, Kaleen, ACT

“With a constantly hungry 4 year old and 10 month old, Littlelock food containers are great for carrying in the nappy bag. No leaks and the perfect size for travelling. My daughter loves the colours and I love the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are completely safe in both the freezer and microwave. Highly recommend!”
Elizabeth, mum to Charlotte (4 years) and Annelise (10 months), Northbridge, NSW

“Baby G eats a lot! And I can’t heat her food quick enough. Essentially, littlelock saves me time and fills the gob sooner (; Prior to littlelock I would avoid microwaving in plastic and would use the stove top to heat her meals. That meant remembering to defrost and using multiple containers i.e. more brain power and more cleaning. Littlelock has allowed me the luxury of using the microwave as a quick, easy and guilt free option.”
Maree, mum to Grace (9 months), West Ryde, NSW

“My cute little nephew started on his solids recently and I thought of buying him something special to celebrate his big milestone. I am so glad that I came across these wonderful containers from Littlelock. It’s packaged beautifully and it is such a practical gift. What I love most is that it safe from harmful chemicals. Thank you Littlelock for making such a great product, I wish they were available when my babies were babies.”
Simi, mum to Zara (6 years) and Taj (3 years), Newington NSW

“Being a mother of three young children I was concerned with the use of plastics when storing and heating their food. When my first two daughters started solids I was surprised at how hard it was to find good glass containers to store their food in. I’ve been so happy since recently discovering Littlelock Glass Food Containers as they are the perfect size for storing and heating homemade purees for my 6 month old baby. I’ve found these glass containers are also a great size for snacks when out and about with my older children too and they are amazing how they don’t break even when my clumsy toddler drops them! This is such a great and much needed product for any Mum.”
Sarah, Mum to Isabelle (4 years), Emily (2 years) and Sofia (6 months), Kiama, NSW

“I wanted to give my sister a practical gift after the birth of my little nephew, and instantly thought of the Littlelock glass containers. They are cute, safe to use, and my sister loves them!
Ezzie, Bondi, NSW

by Gabrielle Cardwell on November 14, 2012 ·