First Foods for Baby – 10 Yummy Homemade Baby Fruit Puree Recipes

Apple & Pear Baby Puree in Glass Baby Food Container

Apple, Pear & Cinnamon Puree in Littlelock Glass Baby Food Containers

Baby fruit purees are an ideal first food for babies. You can serve your baby fruit purees as they are, or thicken with baby cereal or yoghurt.

My daughter was (and still is!) a very fussy eater. One tip that I found very helpful in getting her to eat more was to serve two courses, one savoury course followed by a sweet course. She would press her lips together and turn her head refusing to eat another spoonful of baby puree but the when I offered the second sweet course she would eat it. These fruit baby purees would all make delicious second (or first) courses!

Here is a collection of our favourite fruit purees for babies:

1. Apple and Cinnamon Baby Puree
Apple puree is a great first food for babies and one many mothers start their baby on. It is also very versatile and great mixed with other fruits and vegetables especially veggies that need  bit of additional sweetness such as spinach. Apple puree is great on its own or stirred through baby cereal or yoghurt for a more complete meal.  Make a big batch and freeze in Littlelock glass baby food containers. Even when my children were eating much bigger meals I continued to have a stash of 120ml glass containers filled with apple or apple and pear puree in the freezer to add to their breakfast cereal or yoghurt.

2. Roasted Pear and Vanilla Baby Puree
Pear puree is another great first food for babies. This baby puree is cooked in the oven meaning you don’t have to stand next to the stove stirring. Simply prepare, place in the oven for 20 minutes and return to puree.

 3. Mango &  Banana Baby Puree
Mango and banana makes a delicious puree combination for babies. This baby puree recipe instructs you to cook the mango and banana before blending however you can also mash a ripe banana and mango to serve your baby without cooking. If you are after some quick purees that do not need to be cooked have a look at Instant Baby Purees – No Cooking Required

4. Apple, Mint & Berry Puree for Babies
This apple, mint and berry puree is delicious for babies (and their mothers!).

5. Cherry & Mint Yoghurt for Babies
Full fat greek yoghurt is great for babies as they need some fat to help them grow. Once you mix the yoghurt in you can not freeze this puree so if you have extra freeze the cherry puree by itself and then you can defrost and stir through the yoghurt before serving.

6. Plum, Peach & Nectarine Baby Puree with Sage
A delicious baby puree recipe using a combination of summer stone fruits and sage.

7. Banana, Apple & Date Baby Puree with Quinoa
This is a delicious sweet puree for babies containing banana, apples, dates and quinoa. Quinoa is a gluten free grain which is often promoted as a superfood. If you are after more quinoa recipes for babies check out Superfood for Babies: 10 Delicious Recipes to Introduce Your Baby to Quinoa

8. Moroccan Apple Baby Puree
This delicious baby puree recipe contains apples, dried apricots and cardamon, yum! Be aware when using dried apricots that most contain sulfites used to preserve them. Organic dried apricots are sulfite free and are much darker in colour than the bright orange dried apricots we are used to.

9. Baby Pear & Apricot Puree
Another delicious baby puree recipe using dried apricots, this time with pear.

10. Banana & Blueberry Puree for Babies
Banana and blueberry puree was my daughter’s favourite. The dark purple colour of the blueberries makes this one very messy to eat, but hey feeding a baby is messy!

I hope you and your baby enjoy this list of homemade fruit purees for babies.

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by Gabrielle Cardwell on February 6, 2014 ·

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